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Marketplaces Integration

Seamless Integration Services for All Marketplaces

Marketplaces Integration

Aurora Software; It enables you to make your sales in many stores by establishing a strong integration in all marketplaces in Turkey, thanks to the marketplace integrations with a single panel control, where you can sell either your E-Commerce Site or directly, and makes your work easier. It provides significant increases in your sales and earnings.

Sell in Every Area

You can sell all the products you have added to your panel with a single click, either from E-Commerce or from marketplaces.

Easy Product Management With You Focus Only on Your Sales.

With automatic stock integration, your stocks are updated instantly.
Separate pricing feature and bulk price update at each sales location

Easy transfer of products with options and variants
E-Arşiv ve E-Faturaya kolay aktarım

Let’s integrate it into your accounting programs and make the management of products easier.
Easy integration with all cargo in Turkey.

So What's New?

Open a Store in All Marketplaces

Sell from a single panel on Trendyol, N11, Hepsi Here, Amazon and all platforms

XML Integration

Do dropshipping with supplier XML integrations.

E-Commerce Infrastructure Integration

Let your e-commerce site be integrated with all marketplaces, and easily transfer your stock prices and all your information to the marketplaces.

Upload Your Products in Bulk

With the Product Transfer Wizard, Upload All Your Products to the Source You Want from a Single Panelbold
Just a Few Steps, You Can Upload All Your Products in Minutes Without Wasting Time.

Get rid of a huge burden with single-screen management. Sell from Many Stores!

With the integration, you can track all the information about
your marketplace stores on a single panel.

You can manage all your processes such as products, orders, shipments
invoices and cargo through the integration panel.

With your e-commerce 100% integration

Trendyol, Hepsiburada, n11, Amazon…

Manage all your marketplace stores from a single panel, offer your products for sale in marketplaces with a single click, and increase your number of customers.

Double-Sided Integration

As soon as you update the stock, price, description, visual and all other information of your products in e-commerce, your marketplace store will also be updated.Information about the orders you received from your marketplace store and your return requests are automatically transferred to your e-commerce panel.

100% Healthy Integration

Any changes you make to your products are instantly updated in the marketplaces. Thus, you never have to enter each marketplace separately and deal with details such as stock and price announcements. You can easily manage your products from a single panel.

Capture High Sales Momentum

Sales volumes of Marketplaces are much higher than normal E-Commerce systems. If you add your own E-Commerce site to this. Your sales volume will increase much more. Therefore, it is as if you opened an online store anywhere in Turkey. Your sales volume increases.

Easy Management from a Single Panel

We provide the convenience of managing the management, orders and sales of all marketplaces such as N11, All Here, Çiçek Sepeti, E-PTT Avm, Trendyol and Amazon from a single panel. Thus, you do not need to process separately for each order. You feel the ease of selling.