Aurora Yazılım Web Site Tasarımı ve E-Ticaret

Aurora Advanced Website and E-Commerce Software E-Commerce Integration Solutions

Manage both your e-commerce website and sales from a single panel with the possibility of integration with all popular marketplaces such as Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada.


Advanced E-Commerce Infrastructure

24/7 Technical Support Detailed Training

With all Marketplaces
Seamless Integration

%100 SEO Compatible E-Commerce

Special Contracted Shipping Prices

E-Archive and E-Invoice Integrations

E-Commerce Special for You

100% Compatibility with All Devices

Make Your Business More Competitive and Sustainable

Be Ahead on the Internet with Your Website

For each site we build, a sectoral analysis is made in its sector and differences that will make you stand out are revealed.

All steps are planned correctly for your website to reach your potential customer base.

Like this; You can easily reach your customers with a perfect design, mobile compatible and optimized site.

Web Site Designs

The main goal in all of Aurora Yazılım’s work is to bring out the best. In all her work, she does not consider the work to be finished until it reaches her goal.

Quality Websites

Our websites; It is designed to best suit your profile and you can reach your potential customers with the right audience target.

24/7 Technical Support

We provide 24/7 post-delivery support for all jobs and perform backups and updates.

Mobile Compatible Designs

All our websites are mobile compatible, user and search engine friendly.

You Sit Back and Let Your E-Commerce Site Sell Your Products

With E-Commerce, you can use any of the wide range of integrations you want to meet your needs.

Fast Invoice for Your Orders with E-Invoice and E-Archive Integration

Automatic Transfer of All Your Products with Accounting Programs Integration

E-price, Cimri, Shoppala, Akakçe Price Comparison Sites Integration

Let's open your e-commerce site today,
Start selling online now

Fill Out the Form, Start Selling Immediately with a Strong Infrastructure

Put your products on sale through your website. Have a Store That Can Sell Products All Over Turkey.

Manage your sales with zero problems in your E-Commerce with Powerful Infrastructure and Dozens of Advanced Modules. Stand out from your competitors with unique features in your online store.

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    Web Tasarım

    Mobile Compatible

    All our E-Commerce sites are 100% mobile compatible and work smoothly on all devices. Shopping can be done easily from any device.


    Discounted Shipping Opportunity

    Reduce your costs by taking advantage of up to 60% discounts with our e-commerce packages and specially contracted cargo companies.

    Web Tasarımı

    Online Support

    We provide 24/7 Online Support to all our customers working with us. We provide support for all your problems by establishing a remote connection with the. Anydesk program.


    Marketplaces Integrated

    Trendyol, N11, Gitti Gidiyor, Hepsi Burada, E-PTT AVM with full integration. Moreover, all orders are managed from a single panel.

    Aurora Software: A Pioneering Company in Web Design in Edremit Bay

    Advanced Web Technologies

    Web technologies are developing day by day, and businesses, institutions and individuals want to make the most of these developments. At this point, when you hear the name Aurora Software, you encounter a company that stands out with its quality web design services and customizable software solutions. Aurora Software, headquartered in Edremit Bay, maintains its leading position in the industry by designing websites that meet a wide range of customer needs.

    Website Design

    Highlights among the services offered by Aurora Software are designed to meet customers’ needs for impressive websites that appeal to various sectors. The company offers solutions for the needs of all kinds of companies operating in the private sector, starting from website design. In this context, it produces specialized and customized projects in different areas such as association websites, foundation websites, food websites and public websites.

    E-Commerce Development

    Another important service area offered by Aurora Software is e-commerce software. The company specializes in creating affordable and SEO compatible e-commerce sites that can be managed with easy-to-use panels for its customers. Today, e-commerce sites have become an indispensable tool for businesses to exist in the digital world. Aurora Software enables customers to take part effectively in digital commerce with e-commerce sites designed in accordance with the needs of its customers.

    Integration Solutions

    Another notable feature of the company is its expertise in integration with various accounting programs and marketplace integrations. This allows businesses to manage their online sales processes more effectively and efficiently. Thanks to the integration solutions provided by Aurora Software, customers can manage their business processes more regularly and increase their presence on online platforms.

    National and International Software Service from Edremit

    Aurora Software aims to provide special solutions for each project by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Its expert staff plays a leading role in providing customers with the most up-to-date and competitive solutions by following the innovations in the sector. Aurora Yazılım, which has a deep-rooted history in Edremit Bay, will continue to stand out with its customer-oriented approach and technological solutions in the future. Aurora Software is taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable business partner in web design and software solutions in Edremit Bay and offers its customers the opportunity to stand out in the digital world.

    Training and Consultancy

    Aurora Software not only provides design and software services, but also provides training and support to its customers, making the collaboration process more effective. The company enables its customers to use its websites and software effectively through the training programs it offers and enables them to contact the support team whenever they need.

    Secure Servers Data Security

    Another prominent feature of Aurora Software is its sensitivity to security. The company constantly updates modern security measures to keep the security of customer data at the highest level and protects its customers against digital threats. This allows customers to manage their online presence safely and ensures that the company and its employees feel safe in the digital world.

    Leading Software Company

    Aurora Yazılım is an innovative and customer-oriented web design company that has established itself in Edremit Bay. It stands out with its tailor-made solutions for each project, strong customer support service and sensitivity to technological innovations, and offers its customers the necessary tools to achieve success in the digital world. Aurora Yazılım will continue to maintain its leading position in the industry and establish long-term successful collaborations with its customers in the future.

    Software Development at International Level

    Aurora Yazılım continues its efforts to expand its customer portfolio not only locally but also nationally and internationally. The company, which has an innovative and dynamic team, helps its customers increase brand awareness by effectively using digital marketing strategies. In addition, it provides maximum accessibility on various platforms, taking into account mobile users with mobile compatible designs and user-friendly interfaces. Aurora Software will continue to support its customers to gain competitive advantage by leading the digital world of the future.